My Scratch Profile

  • Click on the link above for Scratch projects that all have comments within the code explaining how the blocks are used to create the project. These projects were for the 2nd through 8th grade computer programming classes I worked with.

Scratch Studios

  • Click on the link above for projects myself and the kids I worked with created or remixed.

CS First

  • The link above has resources designed by Google to assist with developing a Scratch club or class.


  • ScratchEd is an online community of Scratch educators discussing resources and guides.

Learn to Code with Scratch

  • This is a free book on learning to use Scratch with the Raspberry Pi. There are several coding projects and examples to explore in this book.

Scratch and Scratch Jr. Projects

If you are on a mobile device, click here to open up the Google Doc.

What this class looks like


The purpose of the document below is to provide a "crosswalk" between classroom learning and facilitating with the TAP evaluation rubric. The "crosswalk" provides an explanation or translation of what to expect within a technology classroom as it relates to TAP discourse.

If you are on a mobile device, click here to open up the Google Doc below.