Exploring Music and Video Games

This interactive session explores the nexus of music and video games. We will make live music to live video game play and discuss considerations for implementation in general music classes.

NOTE: This session was originally scheduled as an hour long session with lecture, interaction, and discussion; however, this session was booked for the same time as another session I am presenting. Because of this conflict, I have curated resources below I would have mentioned in the lecture portion of the proposed session.

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Emerging Music Nexuses: Technology, Video Games, and Coding

This discussion-based presentation focuses on three emerging music nexuses: 1) music performance and technology; 2) music and video games; and 3) music and coding. The presentation slides below provide many resources related to these nexuses; however, the discussion revolving around this presentation are not limited to these nexuses. I intend for this presentation to be a springboard for discussion on emerging music nexuses and their implications in music education/facilitation.

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Multimedia Ensemble: Performing Live Music with Live Video Games

This presentation focuses on a multimedia ensemble that created live music and sounds (acoustic and digital) to live video games. The session explores the successes, failures, and musical problems experienced within the ensemble as well as the specific software and hardware used by the ensemble. The session concludes with a discussion on future ensemble possibilities for music and sound with multimedia experiences.

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