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Exploring Music Through Coding

This interactive session explores the nexus of music and coding (computer programming). We will collaboratively explore music making and learning through multiple programming languages and discuss how the elementary kids I work with make music through code.

NOTE: This session was originally scheduled as an hour long session with lecture, interaction, and discussion; however, this session was booked for the same time as another session I am presenting. Because of this conflict, I have curated resources below I would have mentioned in the lecture portion of the proposed session.

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A K-8 Nexus Between Music Creation, Sound Design, and Computer Programming

This interactive session explores an elementary nexus between music creation, sound design, and computer programming. The session begins with a brief presentation on some of the ways the kids I work with explore music creation, sound design, and computer programming, all within K-8 computer programming classes. Following this brief presentation, we will work together or independently to modify the music, sound, or code from a variety of example projects. The session will end with a discussion on what could be learned in a project like this and how we might implement similar projects in the settings we facilitate. A laptop is recommended for this session.


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Emerging Music Nexuses: Technology, Video Games, and Coding

This discussion-based presentation focuses on three emerging music nexuses: 1) music performance and technology; 2) music and video games; and 3) music and coding. The presentation slides below provide many resources related to these nexuses; however, the discussion revolving around this presentation are not limited to these nexuses. I intend for this presentation to be a springboard for discussion on emerging music nexuses and their implications in music education/facilitation.

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Coding Live Music with Sonic Pi

This interactive session explores the nexus between computer programming and performing music. Sonic Pi is a platform that uses the programming language Ruby to create live music by writing out lines of code. We will walk through creating a hip version of "Hot Cross Buns" in Sonic Pi, explore more potentials involved with the nexus between computer programming and music, and conclude with a group discussion. No coding experience is required; however, a laptop is encouraged.

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