Emerging Music Nexuses: Technology, Video Games, and Coding

This discussion-based presentation focuses on three emerging music nexuses: 1) music performance and technology; 2) music and video games; and 3) music and coding. The presentation slides below provide many resources related to these nexuses; however, the discussions originated from this presentation are not intended to be limited to these nexuses. I intend for this presentation to be a springboard for discussion on emerging music nexuses and their implications in music education/facilitation.

Presentation Slides

  • The link above is a .pdf file of the slideshow used for this presentation. All media (videos, audio clips, websites, etc.) that were included in the original are now images with active links; meaning, you can click on the image and it will send you to the original source material. 


Additional Resources

Twitter Lists

The following lists provide a direct feed of users who discuss the various topics that pertain to this presentation:


    YouTube Playlists

    The following links provide videos related to various topics that pertain to this presentation: