Designing and Facilitating a Media Arts and Technology Makerspace

This session discusses considerations for designing and facilitating a makerspace. I share project ideas, process videos, finalized products, and tips for designing and facilitating a makerspace dedicated to media arts and technology at any grade level.

Presentation Slides

  • The link above is a .pdf file of the slideshow used for this presentation. All media (videos, audio clips, websites, etc.) that were included in the original are now images with active links; meaning, you can click on the image and it will send you to the original source material. 

Resources and Media from the Presentation

Click the image above for resources and media on rhizomatic design and learning.

Click the image above for makerspace project ideas, class creations, and process videos.

A video elaborating on the discussion on room setup mentioned in the presentation:

A video elaborating on questioning techniques discussed in the presentation:

If you are on a mobile device, click here to open up the Google Doc above.

The purpose of the document above is to provide a "crosswalk" between classroom learning and facilitating with the TAP evaluation rubric. The "crosswalk" provides an explanation or translation of what to expect within a coding classroom as it relates to TAP discourse. If you’re considering creating a media arts and technology makerspace, a similar document might help administrators understand what to expect when walking into such a space.

Additional Resources


ISTE Standards for Computer Science Educators

Computational Thinking (CT) Competencies for Students

ISTE Standards for Students

ISTE Innovation in Computer Science Resources

My dissertation (“A corpus-assisted discourse analysis of music-related practices discussed within”) also includes many discussions and references to maker culture scholarship that can help you get started with a media arts and technology makerspace.

Resources I’ve created

JavaScript Resources

MAX/MSP Projects

Media Arts & Technology Makerspace

Scratch Resources

Sonic Pi Resources

Swift Resources

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