Project-based Learning with Scratch (ISTE)

This presentation begins with an introduction to various approaches of project-based learning with Scratch; for example, backwards, inquiry-based, and emergent project designs. The second portion of this session is an interactive exploration of free Scratch project examples and resources I have developed.

The purpose of this session is twofold: a) provide an introduction to different types of project-based learning (e.g., backwards, inquiry-based, and emergent design) and how they lie on the project continuum (i.e., fixed, flexible, or open), and b) to give time to allow attendees to explore the free project-based resources I have created for Scratch. Everyone will walk away with dozens of lesson plans and resources to get them started with project-based learning with Scratch.

Presentation Slides

  • The link above is a .pdf file of the slideshow used for this presentation. All media (videos, audio clips, websites, etc.) that were included in the original are now images with active links; meaning, you can click on the image and it will send you to the original source material.

What Does Project-based Learning Look Like?

Free Project-Based Lesson Plans I Developed

Click Here for Free Projects and Lessons

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