Getting Started with Elementary CS

In Arizona (and many other states), districts are just getting started with elementary coding and CS education initiatives; however, teachers and administrators are often unsure where to get started. While high school CS is often guided by AP or dual enrollment criteria, elementary educators are often asked to implement CS standards without guidance on how or what elementary CS education could look like. This Birds of a Feather session intends to provide a space for elementary educators and administrators to ask questions as well as share tips and tools for getting started with computer science. As a veteran educator who switched over to coding and makerspace classes from another content area, I know what it's like to not know where to get started with CS education. My role in this session is to encourage attendees to ask questions and share tips and tools, as well as guide attendees toward a multitude of platforms, resources, and approaches to assist with getting started with elementary CS.

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Elementary CS Resources

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Free Elementary Projects and Lesson Plans I created

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Additional Resources

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JavaScript Resources

MAX/MSP Projects

Media Arts & Technology Makerspace

Scratch Resources

Sonic Pi Resources

Swift Resources

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