Facilitating Multiple Programming Languages in One Space

This lightning talk describes considerations for facilitating multiple programming languages in one space. I provide video examples of what it looks like when young coders select from four different programming languages to create projects of interest. Following an overview of what coders created in the classes I designed and facilitated, I discuss considerations for simultaneously facilitating multiple languages; this discussion includes quick suggestions for selecting and creating resources, questioning techniques, peer-to-peer mentoring, room setup, and more.

The video below is a mock version of two different five minute lightning talks on "interest-driven coding projects" (starts immediately) and "facilitating multiple programming languages in one space" (beginning at 4:09), presented at the 2018 Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) Technical Symposium. This video has been modified slightly from the proposed abstract to better match suggestions from the conference committee.

Free coding curricula with this approach

I have developed (and continue to develop) free coding projects and resources that utilize the approaches outlined within these talks. Click here for free projects and resources related to this topic.

Additional video Resources

 A video overview of young coders I worked with talking about why they like coding as a result of the approach outlined in the lightning talk above.

A video elaborating on the discussion on room setup mentioned in the presentation:


The purpose of the document below is to provide a "crosswalk" between classroom learning and facilitating with the TAP evaluation rubric. The "crosswalk" provides an explanation or translation of what to expect within a coding classroom as it relates to TAP discourse.

If you are on a mobile device, click here to open up the Google Doc below.

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