Introduction to Ipsative Assessment

This lightning talk introduces ipsative assessment, which is an assessment undertaken by a student for the purpose of learning through reflection on prior work. This process differs from self-assessment where students evaluate their own efforts or results without making connections to prior creations or demonstrations of understandings. I begin this session by briefly reviewing applications of formative and summative assessment techniques and then introduce ipsative assessment as another possibility for assessing student work. After this brief introduction, I elaborate by providing examples of how I used ipsative assessment within the K-8 coding classes I designed and facilitated, and conclude the lightning talk by sharing assessment resources I created for elementary CS education professional development sessions.

Presentation Slides

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Assessment Resources

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Free Elementary Lesson Plans with Ipsative Assessments

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Additional Resources

Computer Science Education Pages

JavaScript Resources

MAX/MSP Projects

Media Arts & Technology Makerspace

Scratch Resources

Sonic Pi Resources

Swift Resources

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