Interest-driven Coding Projects

This ignite talk describes considerations for designing interest-driven coding projects with Scratch. I provide examples of what an interest-driven coding class looks like and how projects are designed for a variety of experience levels and interests within a shared space. I discuss some of the research informing this approach, share examples of interest-driven projects, and provide suggestions for creating interest-driven coding projects and resources.

The video below is a mock version of a five minute lightning talk on interest-driven coding projects, presented at the 2018 Scratch@MIT Conference.

Free coding curricula with this approach

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What Does This Approach Look Like?

A video playlist that demonstrates an overview of young coders I worked with talking about why they like coding as a result of the approach outlined in the lightning talk above, as well as dozens of videos that demonstrate what this class looks like.

Additional video Resources

A video elaborating on the discussion on room setup mentioned in the presentation:

A video elaborating on questioning techniques discussed in the presentation:

Additional Resources

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