A Corpus-assisted Discourse Analysis of Chiptune-related Practices Discussed within Chipmusic.org

This study examined 245,098 discussion forum posts within a website dedicated to chiptunes, which are electronic music compositions or performances either emulating the sounds of or created through early computer and video game sound chips. Corpus-assisted discourse analysis tools and techniques assisted with revealing patterns of discourse across 10,892,645 words written between December 30th, 2009 and November 13th, 2017 within chipmusic.org.

Findings indicate seven interconnected themes of chiptune-related practices that demonstrate potential transdisciplinary connections between computer science education and music education: (a) music composition practices, (b) music performance practices, (c) maker practices, (d) coding practices, (e) entrepreneurial practices, (f) visual art practices, and (g) community practices. Abstract continues . . .

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Introduction to Ipsative Assessment

This lightning talk introduces ipsative assessment, which is an assessment undertaken by a student for the purpose of learning through reflection on prior work. This process differs from self-assessment where students evaluate their own efforts or results without making connections to prior creations or demonstrations of understandings. I begin this session by briefly reviewing applications of formative and summative assessment techniques and then introduce ipsative assessment as another possibility for assessing student work. After this brief introduction, I elaborate by providing examples of how I used ipsative assessment within the K-8 coding classes I designed and facilitated, and conclude the lightning talk by sharing assessment resources I created for elementary CS education professional development sessions.

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